The thing that happened before this

Filed: Wed, 16/04/2014 - 09:00. :: Seth Godin

The most underrated scene in the Wizard of Oz is the hallway leading up to the audience with the great and powerful one. One of the reasons that Oz is seen as being particularly great and powerful is that it's...


Connecting dots (or collecting dots)

Filed: Tue, 15/04/2014 - 09:00. :: Seth Godin

Without a doubt, the ability to connect the dots is rare, prized and valuable. Connecting dots, solving the problem that hasn't been solved before, seeing the pattern before it is made obvious, is more essential than ever before. Why then,...


Trust and attention, the endless dance

Filed: Mon, 14/04/2014 - 09:51. :: Seth Godin

The two scarce elements of our economy are trust and attention. Trust is scarce because it's not a simple instinct and it's incredibly fragile, disappearing often in the face of greed, shortcuts or ignorance. And attention is scarce because it...


The right moment

Filed: Sun, 13/04/2014 - 09:02. :: Seth Godin

You might be waiting for things to settle down. For the kids to be old enough, for work to calm down, for the economy to recover, for the weather to cooperate, for your bad back to let up just a...


Steal, don't invent

Filed: Sat, 12/04/2014 - 09:32. :: Seth Godin

Steal your business model. We don't have a shortage of business models, it's okay if you pick one that's already working for someone else. Steal your web design. There will always be enough people brave enough to invent whole new...


Thinking lifetime (don't break the chain)

Filed: Fri, 11/04/2014 - 09:00. :: Seth Godin

The traveling salesman, the carnival barker and the old-time businessman can hit and run. Make the sale, cut your costs, move on. Today, though, in the connection economy, two huge factors are at work: 1. Subscription. The lifetime value of...


You are not the lowest common denominator

Filed: Thu, 10/04/2014 - 18:25. :: Seth Godin

Internet companies often strive for lock in. Lock in is what happens once you have a lot of followers on Twitter... it's not easy to switch. Same with all social networks. And operating systems too--it takes a lot of hassle...


The string with an idea at the end

Filed: Wed, 09/04/2014 - 09:42. :: Seth Godin

Ideas used to be nicely wrapped up, wrapped in movies or books or some other sort of container. The Harvard Business Review and Fast Company would collect a bunch of them in one handy, easy to carry package. And the...


In search of an argument

Filed: Tue, 08/04/2014 - 11:07. :: Seth Godin

Has it ever been easier to experience an emotion at the click of a mouse? It's a choice. You can instantly become enraged, merely by reading the comments of some blogs. You can amplify your self-doubt by checking out what...


Some greatest hits

Filed: Mon, 07/04/2014 - 21:57. :: Seth Godin

Talking with Krista Tippett about art and work that matters. The new ebook about placebos. Stop Stealing Dreams, on what school is for. (Translations and more are here). The world's worst boss. On critics.